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Hot Water Maintenance and Repairs

Do you want to make your Hot Water Tank safer, last longer and potentially save $1000′s in the long run? Hot Water Maintenance and repairs is crucial if you are to get the best out of your hot water system. A very easy way to expend the life span of the hot water tank is to regularly check your hot water system and release pressure from your safety valve.

You need to set off your hot water tanks, Safety Valve at least once every six months… and it’s as easy as following steps 1, 2 and 3.
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Work Process

3 Easy Steps To Safely Release Built Up Pressure

Grasp the Lever Between Your Thumb and Forefinger
Lift the Lever for 3 Seconds, Releasing water & Flushing the Valve.
Slowly Release The Valve back to close.


Always follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations.

Set the temperature of your booster thermostat to 60°C. A lower setting may allow growth of harmful legionella bacteria.

In favourable climates during summer, water temperatures in a solar water heater can approach boiling point. Heat dissipation devices may be required to prevent water from boiling. It may also be necessary to fit a mixing valve to reduce water temperatures experienced at the tap to safe levels during summer.

Carry out jobs that need hot water early in the day so that the water left in the tank will be reheated by the sun, ready for use at night. Regularly clean solar panels to remove dust. You can use a broom with some detergent to give them a scrub.

Flush out collectors and overflow pipes to remove sludge. Heat pump systems do not require flushing.

Make sure you turn the booster off when going on holidays and consider turning it off during summer if conditions are favourable.

Don’t let your tank be one of the 20,000 Hot Water Tanks that rupture every month in New South Wales alone. Activate the Safety Valve every six months and have the valve checked for working performance every 5 years, or every 3 years if you live in an area that contains high water particles.

Have a Hot Water Heater problem that needs to be addressed immediately or need the services of a Hot Water Repair Specialist that you can count on? With years of experience our professional plumbers will arrive and quickly asses your problem.  They’ll explain what needs to be done and if you give the go ahead, fix your hot water system and then clean up after ourselves.

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Hot Water Maintenance » hot water